Faster shipping. More powerful performance. Able to seamlessly span long distances with a single lens. Now with Expanded  Downlight Options!

Introducing SuperPlane 4 Recessed, the next generation of Lightplane reinvented from the inside out. SuperPlane 4 Recessed is a super slot luminaire offering seamless illumination up to 250 feet, energy-saving performance up to 110 lm/W, a no-glare UGR rating of 10 in typical applications and multiple output options up to 1200 lm/ft all from a 4″-wide lensed form.

Featuring proprietary ControlRoll Optics that distributes, diffuses and delivers uninterrupted illumination, SuperPlane 4 Recessed delivers ambient direct illumination with standard or batwing distribution. The optically engineered, roll-out/snap-in ControlRoll lens eliminates lens gaps common to traditional, continuous linear runs by providing completely seamless illumination while dynamically controlling output.

SuperPlane 4 Recessed also offers CompleteSuite Color LED lamping options – 3000K, 3500K or 4000K  with CRI of 80+ or 90+, 2700K-5700K Tunable White, color-changing RGB and color-changing RGB+White.