Glass Act Multiples are groups of pendant luminaries available in three unique suspension forms. Each luminaire can be specified with either a glass A19-, T10- or G40-shaped bulb illuminated by a state of the art LED lamp in the body. A lens-only option is available as well. Additionally, the bulbs may be specified as clear, partially frosted or fully frosted.

Standard body finish options are brushed aluminum, satin white and matte black. If another color is needed, a custom RAL color may be specified.

CASCADE PENDANT – RPD14/CAS: Glass Act CAS is a cascading array of three, five or ten pendants hanging straight down from a single 24″ diameter ceiling canopy. Drivers are remoted.

CLUSTER PENDANT – RPD14/CL: Glass Act CL is a cluster of three, five or ten pendants grouped together like an upside-down flower bouquet and supported from a traditional ceiling canopy. Drivers are remoted.

SWAG PENDANT – RPD14/SW: Glass Act SW is a collection of three, five or ten pendants each of which are swag suspended out from a central canopy to any spot on the ceiling and downward via a small, loop-catch ceiling bracket. Drivers are remoted.


Lamp: LED / 90 CRI
Efficacy: 500 raw lumens | 6 system Watts per LED
Driver: Remoted, dimming or non-dimming | Universal voltage 120-227V
Shade: Clear, partial, or fully frosted G40, A19 or T10 glass bulb or clear lens
Cord: Black, white, zig-zag or custom colors available
Finish: Satin white, matte black, brushed aluminum or custom RAL
CCT: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K or 4000K

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