Frame Your Vision with... Friendly Service and Helpful Support

“Yes.” It’s one of our favorite words here at ALW. And we strive to say it often. When you ask for a customized luminaire, need an order shipped by a specific date or have other special requests; our goal is to reply, “Yes, we can do that.”

Of course, not every wish can be granted, but we do promise to do our very best to find solutions that will meet your needs and those of your clients. And we’ll do so with a smile, timely communication and a steadfast commitment to delivering truly outstanding service.

Phone: 510.489.2530
Fax: 650.249.0412

Sales Management Team

Jim Lindsey
Vice President of Sales
1.303.250.3274 - Email
Lindsey Middlebrook
Sales Manager - Central Region
512.599.0262 - Email
Cory Tysoe
Sales Manager - Eastern Region
570.236.3919 - Email
Steve Kelly
Sales Manager – Western Region

Customer Service - Key Support Team

Scott Sims
Customer Service
Shannon McDaniel
Customer Service Manager
Ext. 121 - Email
Roman Castillo
Customer Service Rep
Ext. 105 - Email
Melissa Nott
Customer Service Rep
Ext. 130 - Email
Marie Readel
Customer Service Rep
Ext. 114 - Email

Warranty Support - Team Leader

Stephen Keiter
Technical Support Coordinator
Ext. 127 - Email